AKIA is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle
brand inspired by modern travel,
founded by Ayanna Venturina in
2018. We aim to make adventure
effortless—from the products
we design to the content we create.

Traveling can teach us so much—from experiencing other cultures and their ways of life, to learning a new language, and perhaps even a new recipe. It also allows us to disconnect from our daily life, and connect with people we wouldn’t have otherwise met. Traveling brings forth so many possibilities, which is why we seek to encourage every woman see the world.


I. To be a resource for curious
women who have deep desires of
learning about the world by seeing
it for themselves.

II. To design products that are
both fashionable and functional.

III. To cultivate a community that
celebrates individuality and
empowers one another to
achieve our trust desires,
whatever (or wherever) they may be.

IV. To create valuable
content that considers
different interests.

V. To make things that will
enhance experiences.

VI. We believe the best
things in life happen
when you take a leap of

AKIA is inspired by adventure. We seek to produce only things that will make our travels easier and maintain our personal identity. Our design ethos is combining fashion and function because we believe in expressing ourselves freely in everything we do.