20 of the Best Places to Stay in Tokyo

The first question that may come to mind when planning a trip to the largest metropolitan city in the world is where to stay in Tokyo.

Well, pack your bags with ease because the perfectly curated list of accommodations for every type of traveler is here! 

Where to stay in Tokyo for every type of traveler and tourist….

We've divided this list into 4 categories

1. Backpackers' Crib
2. The Capsule Compadres
3. Sociable Guest Houses for Families
4. The History Lovers' Paradise


If you are a backpacker or a student, the ideal place for you to stay would be hostels. 

Hence, whenever you find yourself asking where to stay in Tokyo on a budget, hostels are the answer. 

Backpackers Hostel K’s House Tokyo

This is one of the best hostels of choice if your primary purpose is to explore the city.

Additionally, due to tourists arriving from all over the world, this is an ideal spot to meet individuals with different cultural backgrounds. 

Juyoh Hotel

If you are traveling with your partner, then you should take this into consideration. The property offers private rooms that are completely within your budget. 

As a bonus, there is a private bath which can be booked per your needs. 

Khaosan World Ryogoku

Now, often as a traveler, it is possible that the accommodation budget is not for hostels, but not for hotels either. 

In such cases, this is the perfect spot to hit up. This is one of the largest hostels of Tokyo and caters to solo travelers, couples, and families. 

Kaisu Hostel

The party lovers need to hit up the property and book a room as soon as possible.

Situated right in the heart of Tokyo and is known for the network of friends it comes with. 

Emblem Hostel Nishiarai

This is the ideal answer for where to stay in Tokyo on a budget. The property offers offbeat classes such as sushi making, karate lessons, and other workshops. 

Therefore, if the plan is to be amongst individuals and indulge in activities, you know what to do. 


Another one of the cheapest places to stay in Tokyo are definitely the capsule hotels. 

These are ideal for individuals traveling to the city for a day or for a couple of hours. 

9h Nine Hours

If you appreciate futuristic and modern designs, and are looking to stay in Tokyo for only a few hours, this is the place for you. 

In fact, the name stems from businessmen spending an average of 9 to 10 hours. However, they allow guests to stay for as long as guests wish to.

Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado Premier Tokyo

Built on the concepts of ideal retreats, this capsule hotel provides an environment similar to a retreat to Bali. 

The staff speak both English and Japanese. Additionally, a change of slippers and bathing facilities are available upon entering the hotel. 

Book and Bed Tokyo 

The booklovers will find this spot their personal haven. This international sensation comes with lines of books on almost every surface. 

The capsules are actually behind the bookshelves. Sleeping amongst the books is every bookworm’s paradise. 

The Millennials Shibuya

This trendy name does justice to the place. For a student, this is the choice of stay if they are looking for short-term accommodations. 

Not only does it come with the traditional capsules, but also modern private rooms. 


Another popular form of cheapest places to stay in Tokyo are guesthouses. 

In fact, for any solo traveler or backpacker who does not want to opt for a hostel or capsule, guesthouses are the next best option. 

K’s House Tokyo Oasis

This guest house is situated right within the sightseeing district of Tokyo. This is a Tokyo hotel that offers a variety of options for staying. 

For example, they come with dorm rooms, private rooms, family rooms, bunk beds, etc. This particular accommodation is a blend of hostels and guesthouses. 

Khaosan Tokyo Laboratory 

If you are traveling to Tokyo with a baby or younger family members, this is an ideal option. The social guest house offers a shared kitchen, private rooms, and a common social area. 

Furthermore, it is fairly close to the subway making traveling easier.  


Lovers of tradition and history will appreciate the existence of Ryokans in Tokyo. 

Ryokans are the traditional inns of Tokyo which capture the essence of the city while providing modern facilities. 

The true Japanese hospitality and cuisines are the best features of these properties. This form of accommodation is usually the most common solution for where to stay in Tokyo query. 

Ryokan Kamogawa

If you are an avid lover of culture, then this is it for you. 

Situated at the heart of Asakusa (the most historic neighborhood of Tokyo) with a two-minute walk from Tokyo’s oldest temple, Sensoji Temple. 

This is one of the best hotels in Tokyo for tourists who are searching for the perfect blend of tradition and modern. 

Hoshinoya Tokyo

If you are not limited by budget constraints, then this particular Ryokan will be a treat. 

The rooms come with floor-to-ceiling windows made from the glass giving a spectacular view of the city. 

Hence, if the goal is to experience the high-end of Tokyo, this is where you need to stay.  

Chiyoda Inn

If you are looking for hostels in Tokyo but want the Ryokan experience, then this is the place for you. 

The best feature is the availability of both Western and Japanese-style rooms. 

Additionally, it does not come with the luxury stature, but brings about the classic Japanese house vibes. 

Ryokan & Day Shizuku

This is an ideal spot if you love the culture, tradition, and most importantly, peace. While the location is thirty minutes from the city (by train), it still provides a comforting and peaceful aura. 

The best parts are the large beds, wooden floors, and small private gardens. 


Finally, it is time to give you a list of the best luxury hotels in Tokyo. This option is ideal for tourists who want the high-end experience along with the most comfortable stay. 

However, as the name suggests this will cost more than any other available option. 

Grand Hyatt Tokyo 

This luxury hotel comes with Japanese aesthetics while maintaining modern amenities. Also, the hotel features 10 restaurants that offer cuisines from all over the world. 

If you want a grander experience, the Presidential Suite is located on the 21st floor with its own private heated outdoor swimming pool. The only one in the city! 

Mandarin Oriental

The luxury hotel provides an experience of modern Japanese architecture. The spas come with treatment rooms that give a spectacular view of the city. 

The best experience comes from the Tranquility Suite This Suite comes with the option of letting your feet soak in an infinity bath. 

Palace Hotel Tokyo

Japan’s first Evian Spa comes from this luxury residence. In fact, the interiors of the hotel are filled with modern paintings, royalty carpets, and glass walls. 

During the evening, the hotel opens up its Royal Bar which serves legendary Martinis. 

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

If you visit during summer, then this is one of the hotels of Tokyo to stay. The summer sun brings the Serenity Garden Terrace to life. 

If you are lucky, you get the view of fireflies in urban background. The Chiranzo Gardens, the 17-acre parkland, once posed as the mansion of an aristocrat.  

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

The highlight of this luxurious hotel is the standalone chapel on the 52nd floor. This is the highest chapel in Tokyo and comes with a traditional Shinto Shrine. 

If you wish to have the most memorable experience, then aim for the rooms that overlook the Tokyo Tower. 

Know the hotels of Tokyo for a hassle-free travel experience

Traveling to Tokyo will be a memorable experience for every tourist and traveler. 

Whether you are backpacking through the city or traveling for a business meeting, once you know where to stay in Tokyo, the unforgettable journey begins.