What To Do In Copenhagen in Your Next Euro Trip

The best way to prepare for your trip to Copenhagen is by knowing what to do in Copenhagen before actually making your way to the airport. 

The city comes with everything that will truly absorb you. Whether it’s the urban gardens or the floating tubs or the canals. 


There are museums, parks, castles, and harbors that you need to visit! The capital of Denmark has so much to offer that you’ll be spoilt for choices. 


So, we all know what a hot spa is. It’s one of the most relaxing things that you can experience during a vacation. 

Now we come to CopenHot, the spa which is all about the coolness and the hotness. Why so? 

Well, this is where you will find wooden hot tubs and saunas that overlook the water. You can either go by yourself or rent a tub that accommodates an entire group. 

The sailing spas can fit almost five people and you will be floating through the canals in a hot tub. Now, this sounds like one of the things to do in Copenhagen without fail, isn’t it? 


Why do you think a multi-use waste-to-energy plant will be of any interest to visit at all? Here’s why! 

First, the architectural beauty was designed by Bjarke Ingels is a sight that is definitely worth seeing. 

Next, CopenHill comes with a climbing wall, ski slope, and cafe. Hence, you can skip down a 1,300 ft slope and then stop by the cafe for the apres-ski beer. 

Botanical Garden 

The Botanical gardens of Copenhagen are the green oasis of Denmark. You absolutely need to put this in your things to do in Copenhagen.

The best of living flora collection can be found here. There are over 13,000 species of plant which spread over ten hectares. 

In fact, when you visit the Botanical Gardens, you will

Realize that the entire set up is within 19th-century greenhouses. 

However, the best visit here needs to be done based on the Copenhagen weather and Copenhagen season. 

Tivoli Gardens 

The Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park that features manicured gardens and roller coasters. This has been a famous tourist attraction since the 19th century. 

In fact, considering the time from when it’s operating, Tivoli Gardens is the second oldest amusement park in the world still in operation. 

Now, if you visit when the sun sets and the moon takes over, you will be mesmerized by the thousands of twinkling lights. 

You can definitely take this to be one of the things to do in Copenhagen with kids. Make sure to treat them at the Gemyse restaurant. 

Bakken Amusement Park 

Another amusement park that you can visit at Copenhagen is the Bakken Amusement Park. This has been functioning since 1583.

Hence, this makes Bakken Amusement Park the oldest operating park in the world. 

You will find this amusement park a few kilometers from Copenhagen. In fact, after Tivoli Gardens, this is the most popular tourist destination. 

As you might have already guessed it, this is one of the things to do in Copenhagen with kids. 

Hey Captain 

We understand that you might feel a canal boat activity sounds rather generic, but what if we told you Hey Captain isn’t the generic one? 

Over here you will experience an insight into the daily Danish life along with the city. During the summer it’s a real treat. 

The summers are when the locals surround the docks and dive into the harbor water. There are several boats that take you around and each of them has a capacity of 12 guests and a guide. 

If you’re traveling with children, we suggest you consider this as one of the things to do in Copenhagen with kids. It’s a good way to get them interested in the history of a place. 


The most iconic landmark in Copenhagen is the Nyhavn. It’s a 17th-century harbor - there’s not much that needs to be said about why it’s iconic. 

The harbor is lined with modern boats, wooden ships, multicolored townhouses, seafood restaurants, and much more. You can spend an entire day over here. 

Nyhavn attracts both locals and tourists. When you visit, you will find that the crowd here is as diversified as the history of the place. 

There are some places you remember and some places you fall in love with. Nyhavn is an example for the latter and we guarantee it. 

Christiansborg Palace 

The Christiansborg Palace is where Denmark’s Supreme Court is located. Furthermore, you will find the Danish Parliament and the Prime Minister’s office here as well. 

For someone who enjoys the political scenarios of various places, this might be on the list of things to do in Copenhagen. 

During the tour, you will see the Riding school, the Great Hall, and the little court theatre which was built in 1767. 

The Christiansborg Palace is a destination that not everyone visits but if you do, let us tell you that you will leave with an everlasting impression. 

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Rosenborg Castle 

The castle was built at the beginning of the 1600s by Christian IV. His reign and involvement in the Thirty Years War make him one of the popular Scandinavian Kings.

The interior is just as lavish as a castle can be and the best part is there has been less to no changes in the centuries that followed. 

Throughout you will find tapestries that chart conflicts between Sweden and Denmark. You’ll also be able to take a look at the King’s chambers, bathroom, and where he wrote. 

If you’re a history fanatic, we suggest you put this on your to-do list of Copenhagen. 

Hamlet’s Castle 

The name Hamlet strikes a chord with anyone who is a fan of English literature, or just literature, or anyone in high school. 

Therefore, when in Copenhagen, we always advise you to check out the castle itself.  The real name of the castle is Kronborg and you will find it on any Copenhagen day trip. 

The minimalist masterpiece comes with Sweden within its views. The underground dungeons are a must-visits. 

Also, popular suggestions are that you wear a pair of comfortable shoes. There will be walking and climbing and some more walking! 

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David Collection 

If you’re in Copenhagen and find yourself wondering what to do in Copenhagen for an afternoon, might we suggest the David Collection?

You will find the entire art collection of Danish businessman C.L. David who donated his former home and the art collections. 

The collection includes modern art, European art, 19th-century art which touches upon the Danish Golden Age. 

Now, this goes without saying that this is an art lovers' haven and even if you don’t have a knack for art, this visit will be worth it. 


The Carlsberg Group is one of the largest brewing companies in the world. The owner, J. C. Jacobsen is one of the most famous citizens of Denmark.

The enormous wealth of Jacobsen led to the restoration of several of Copenhagen’s museums and castles. The walk to Carlsberg comes with massive brick archways that are flanked by statues of lions.

The tour of the brewery is one of the things to do in Copenhagen for someone who is a true beer lover. You will see the original machine and the largest collection of beer bottles. 

Moreover, there are interactive exhibits as well where you can taste different flavor beers. Now, isn’t that interesting? 

Rent a Bicycle 

Finally, we understand how sometimes you don’t want to visit tourist attractions but just roam around and see the city. So, here’s what you do. 

You’ll soon realize that Copenhagen is a great city for bicycle rides. Hence, the best thing to do here is to rent a bicycle and start roaming around. 

You can start by checking out the bridges before heading off towards the harbors. Biking on the bridges is a rather famous thing in Copenhagen. 

In our expert opinion, if you’re struggling for what to do in Copenhagen, this is one you must consider!