What Do In Santa Monica - 13 Must-Visit Attractions

Do you know what to do in Santa Monica when you land in the city of beaches, restaurants, and clubs? Well, this is where you will find everything that you can do in Santa Monica! 


Here is the list of things to do in Santa Monica which includes a collection of beaches, activities, restaurants, and other exciting options. 

Santa Monica Pier 

The central point of the Santa Monica Beach is the Santa Monica Pier. This attraction alone is host to various activities!

You will be able to find a roller coaster and Ferris wheel and several other such rides which will make for an exciting afternoon and evening with family and friends. 

On top of that, the Santa Monica Pier comes with a traditional fair and several shops which serve delicious dishes. Whether you want a sandwich or a shrimp meal, it’s all available at the Santa Monica Pier

Finally, the pier comes with its own Muscle Beach towards the south. So, if you want to workout with a view, here is where you go. 

Santa Monica Beach 

The Santa Monica State Beach is another great attraction of the city. You will always find tourists and visitors roaming the beautiful beach in groups or just enjoying their own company. 

Santa Monica Beach is one of the famed beaches of Los Angeles which comes with soft sand and is very well maintained. 

Towards the North end of the beach is a playground that is universally accessible and comes with swings and slides! Therefore, if you are travelling with kids, this is one of the things to do in Santa Monica for their entertainment. 

The South end of the Santa Monica Beach comes with the Muscle Beach and the International Chess Park. 

Another one of the things to do in Santa Monica is visiting the beach and going for a bike ride along the beach. It’s incredibly refreshing!

26-Mile Bike Path 

The unbeatable Santa Monica weather and the friendly bike paths make a great pair! 

Therefore, when you have a free morning and want to start with a dash of an adrenaline rush, the 26-mile bike path is the best way to do so.

You can hire a bike and make your way along the path. You will cross the Santa Monica Beach, Dockweiler State Beach, and other great scenic beauties! 

Santa Monica Stairs 

Since we are on the topic of an adrenaline rush, here’s one of the things to do in Santa Monica if you are a fitness freak! 

The Santa Monica Stairs comes with two sets of stairs. One is a set of 170 steps while the other is a set 199 concrete steps. 

The wooden set is broader, allowing fellow climbers to share the room while the concrete set comes with metal bannisters for support. 

The Santa Monica Stairs are packed with fitness buffs who are ready to build the warrior strength. On top of that, if you don’t want crowd, head over to the more secretive La Mesa stairs just between 404 and 410. 

Third Street Promenade 

This particular area of Santa Monica consists of three open-air spaces that come with more than 80 retail stores; almost all of them are high-street brands. 

If you are visiting Santa Monica and have a knack for shopping, then there is nowhere else but here that you must hit up! 

Third Street Promenade comes with fashion stores, cocktail joints, farmers-market, street performers, diners, and a lot more. 

For the shopaholic in you, this must be one of the things to do in Santa Monica in your itinerary. 

Santa Monica Place 

Another shopper’s paradise in Santa Monica in Santa Monica Place; however, here the stores are towards the luxury end of the spectrum. 

However, Santa Monica Place is located towards the Southern end of Third Street Promenade and just two blocks away from Santa Monica Pier

The area is always buzzing with tourists from all over the world. On top of that, you will find food joints that serve the most fantastic dishes in LA!

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Venice Beach 

If you are looking to spend the day around the beaches, then a great spot to visit in Santa Monica is Venice Beach

You can start your day at the Santa Monica Pier and then make your way through Santa Monica Place and Third Street Promenade towards Venice Beach.

Venice Beach is substantially famous for showcasing the subculture of LA, which has a unique touch to it. You will find a collection of quirky attractions and crowds. 

Venice Beach is one of the things to do in Santa Monica with kids. They will thoroughly enjoy the attractions along with the Venice Skate Park. 

Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

Another great addition to the list of things to do in Santa Monica with kids is a visit to the aquarium. 

If you are spending the day at Santa Monica Pier, then a great way to enjoy the afternoon will be to have a quick visit to the Santa Monica Pier aquarium.

There are over 100 local species on display, educational programs, and a gift shop! This is one of the aquariums in California that kids thoroughly enjoy. 

Museum of Flying 

This is a small museum that is found within the premises of Santa Monica Airport. It was made available for public visits from February 2012. 

The museum features a display of historic aviation companies in Southern California and an array of various aircraft. 

If the Santa Monica weather permits, then you can even watch some of the flyable aircraft of the museum. 

Bergamot Station

This is a former train station which has now become the art haven of Santa Monica. 

Bergamot Station is home to 30 fine art and contemporary galleries. If you are an art lover, then you must put this on your list of what to do in Santa Monica

Otherwise, on a lazy day when you feel like not doing much, then take a stroll up to Bergamot Station and help yourself to meatloaf and lemonade form the in-house cafe. 

Annenberg Community Beach House

What’s the best way to cool off? A dive into a pool and a series of fun games to play with your family and friends. 

The Annenberg Community Beach House hosts a series of board games, splash pad, beach volleyball, soccer fields, tennis courts, and others! This is one of the things to do in Santa Monica with kids

On the other hand, if you are visiting with your better half, then an excellent recommendation for things to do in Santa Monica for a summer evening is to take the sunset swim for adults only. 

Santa Monica Camera Obscura 

This offbeat attraction is a great way to escape the crowd of Santa Monica Pier. This is one of the more mysterious attractions of Santa Monica. 

The process is to exchange your ID for a set of keys. After that, climb a short flight of stairs, and you will be in a dark chamber. There you will find a ship’s wheel right in the centre. 

Now, through the pinhole, a light squeezes inside which portrays the entire Santa Monica Beach on the ceiling. The only word to describe the feeling is MAGIC! 

Private Tours 

Now, one of the things to do in LA is to take private tours! Whether you are travelling solo or with a group, it is highly recommended that you do one of these tours. 

Most of these tours take over six hours and show the best of places available! Therefore, if you are in Santa Monica, then you can take a trip to the Hollywood sign, Beverly Hills, and other areas. 

This definitely must be in the top 5 within your what to do in Santa Monica list!