Things To Do In NYC In The Summer

What are the things to do in NYC in the summer? Well, we can tell you right now the things you should have your eye out for. 


When in New York City, you will find an array of things to do, and honestly, it will be great if you can do all o them. However, we know time constraints and decided to give you some of the best things you should do in New York. 

Rooftop Bars 

If you are in New York City during the summers, then you absolutely must go for the summer scenes on the rooftop bars. There is an exceptional choice of such bars that happen to feature all across NYC. 

In fact, some of the rooftop bars will let you cast a view of some of the iconic features of the city. There is a reason the city is known as one of the best ones across the world. 

There is no way you can visit the city and not be engulfed by the stunning view that it comes with! 

SummerStage Show 

One of the better experiences of activities during the summer is a free show in the park. It is one of those that you come across and then become a deep part of it. 

Various parks across the city provide shows that the audience can enjoy while enjoying the pleasant summer season. If you want, you can be a part of the largest free performing arts festival in New York City. 

Shop and Eat All day, Everyday

One of the best parts of New York City during the summers is the street fairs that take over in different blocks. Once the weather gets warmer, it’s time to get ready for the block parties! 

Since all of these parties are vehicle-free, you can stop and snack whenever you want to, wherever you want to. On top of that, there are stalls that serve some of the most delicious plates that you will not find easily somewhere else. 

Trip To Governors Island 

One of the things to do in the summer in NYC is to take a trip to Governors Island. This is because first, it is vehicle-free, and second you can just relax there without having to worry about anything. 

This is one of the trips you must take with your friends and family during the summers and it will be definitely worth every bit! 

Rooftop Cinema 

The Rooftop Cinema Club is one to hit up during the summers. This is because of the films, the cocktails, and overall experience. 

In our opinion, once you visit here, you will keep going back. The entire experience is serene and the venue is quite popular as well. 

We suggest taking a look at their annual edition of screenings before making a booking, 

Williamsburg’s Smorgasburg 

When in New York City, you must visit the open-air food markers and the Smorgasburg is one which is rendered to be the best in the city. 

It’s the place for people to meet up for a delicious day of meals and drinks and enjoy the view of the Manhattan skyline! 

However, there are other food markets that you can checkout as well. These pop up all over New York City during the summers! 

Visit The Grand Banks 

If you love dining out with a view, then you will especially love this one. The best part of this restaurant is that it’s a boat. So you do not actually go anywhere, but it’s all with a great view along with relaxing music. 

So, whether you enjoy a glass of wine or a pint of beer or a glass of cola, you will find yourself getting swayed away with the positive auras of the restaurant. 

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Visit The City Parks 

When summer hits New York City, all the local folks hit the city parks. The primary reason is for the view, otherwise, it’s a great way to spend a lazy summer day. 

On the other hand, you can take walks around the park or just relax on the green fields that all the city parks have to offer. Some of them have the option of letting you rent a boat. We think you should not miss out on the stunning experience of the city parks.

Do Not Miss The BBQs

One of the things that are known in New York City is BBQs. Since they are usually held during the summer, it’s actually a great time to be in the city.

First, it brings everyone together, and next, it makes sure that you have an incredible time while drinking beer and just munching on some of the best BBQ ever! 

4th Of July Celebrations 

One of the important events in the United States of America is the 4th of July. Hence, New York City being the big apple celebrates it with lights and sounds and fireworks! 

You will find fireworks going off in different parts of the city. In fact, the entire day everyone is out celebrating and there are loads of stalls that pop up in the popular places where everyone comes together to celebrate. 


The Manhattanhenge s a phenomenon that can be observed on the streets of New York City. 

You see, the city’s streets and avenues are set up to form grids. Therefore, twice a year during May and July, the sunsets perfectly between the skyscrapers. This is one you should not miss. 

You will be surprised at how many people show up to click a picture of this brilliant phenomenon. 

Take a Wine Tour 

When you are visiting, we will recommend you take the time to go on a wine tour. Many of the city’s bars come filled with wine stores. Most of them tours are places where you can easily begin a conversation with another. 

You might be able to find different stores all over town upon doing a little research. However, going for a wine tour must be on your list of things to do in NYC in the summer.