The Ultimate List For Things To Do In Downtown Denver

Are you looking for things to do in Downtown Denver? Well, if you are then here we are to help you! We understand the hassle it can be if you have to search for everything and then narrow it down. So, we go a step further and pick the best ones! 


When you are visiting Downtown Denver, keep an eye out for the following. These are quite the things to do when you’re visiting Downtown Denver! 

16th Street Mall

Have the blast with shopping and having delicious food along with a calm meander around in Downtown Denver. You will not come across any troublesome traffic commotion at the 16th Street mile long shopping center! 

This open air shopping complex is an expansive promenade fixed with trees and pruned bushes which gives it a Mediterranean vibe by day. When evening rolls around, it comes with a string of lights that make it a delightful sight!

In fact, if you enjoy retail therapy, you will thoroughly enjoy this magnificent strip of land. Nevertheless, it comes packed with cafes and bars which will make the overall experience quite painless. 

On the other hand, for those who do not wish to walk as much, the 16th street mall comes with a free shuttle bus which takes you up and down the mall. You can ride this while enjoying the street performers doing their thing! 

Colorado Convention Center 

You may not be going to a show while you're in Downtown Denver, however you'll actually need to stop by the Colorado Convention Center on fourteenth Street. This generally useful setting houses a performance center just as facilitating enormous presentations, shows, and shows for up to 20,000 individuals.

It’s the Big Blue Bear that is the point of attraction at the Convention Center even if famous faces constantly make an appearance. This colossal statue stands at a height of forty feet and the windows of the center are its peeking zone. This is a view that you must capture for the memory of a lifetime. 

Denver Pedicab 

When you’re in Denver, an unusual way of making your way around are the Pedicabs. These are basically electric tricycles that are chauffeur driven. These chauffeurs are trained guides who will narrate interesting stories while taking your down Downtown. 

Almost all the routes cross by historical and interesting touristy sights. Hence, all you have to do is sit back, relax, enjoy the views, and listen to the graceful narration of the stories. Some of the attractions include Pepsi Center, Larimer Square, and others. 

Denver Art Museum

If you’re the one who loves art, then with the name you know this is where you have to be. Situated at 14th Avenue Parkway, this stunning piece of architecture holds over seventy thousand artworks. 

The collection covers multiple genres and comes with exhibitions that cover European, African, and even Asian art. Furthermore, if you really want to, then you should attend the lectures and workshops that the art museum conducts for a better understanding of the artists and their work. 

Larimer Square 

Larimer Square isn't only a memorable square in Downtown Denver; it's the first place from where the city sprang to life. After certain years in a condition of crumbling, the zone has been recovered into truly outstanding and busiest social spots Downtown and in Denver itself.

If you visit expecting a plaza then you will be disappointed. You have to visit expecting a block which is lined with cafes, clubs, restaurants, and what not! In fact, do not expect American. Expect cushions such as French, Italian, Continental, and others.

If you’re looking for things to do in Denver at night, then you have to think about the wine bars and the stand up comedy club. These are the things that bring together Larimer Square Denver! 

Skyline Beer Garden 

The Skyline Beer Garden is an open space massive area on Arapahoe Street in Downtown Denver. The 40,000 square feet of pure garden has a small scale golf course, ping-pong tables, music and serves twelve diverse Colorado delivered specialty craft beers.

Additionally, it comes with extremely tasteful street food that offers items such as tacos, enchiladas, and even ice cream by the pint. 

This destination is the venue for Denver Downtown’s annual beer festival. It has been the venue for long and will remain so afterwards! 

Elitch Gardens Theme Park 

Downtown Denver is the only US City to have a theme park downtown. The theme park comes  with thrill, water slides, and many more. 

You can take a tour of the Brave the Brian Drain or even the Mind Eraser, or the Slingshot. Almost every ride that you will find here is high or hangs you upside down or flings your across. However, the park takes every precaution possible. This is the reason the theme park is oh so famous! 

Denver Microbrew Tour 

Denver is where you want to be if you’re the ultimate beer lover. It comes by the bucket and the micro breweries produce at mass. Therefore, if you are around Downtown, make sure To visit the golden draft. 

Now, make sure you are stopping at various breweries at Downtown. Otherwise, you will miss out on the demonstration of the process used to create this golden joyous drink. However, keep in mind that the tour is over 21’s. Make sure to carry your ID with you. 

Money Museum 

One of the things to do Downtown Denver is pop a visit to the Money Museum. This is located on the 16th street and is exactly what the name suggests 

The museum comes with stacks of dollars that line up to a total of 30 million dollars. Now, that is a lot! 

This museum has high end security. However, the best part is when you’re leaving, you can pick up a bag of free money as a souvenir (the money is shredded!). 

The interactive session includes a point where you can use computers to design your own money. This museum is restricted to individuals over the age of eighteen and needs you to present identification before entering. 

Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox 

If you’re the one who is looking for an eccentric night out upon visiting Downtown Denver, then you already know this is where you need to be. This buzzing venue is at 20th Street and comes with a bar and a restaurant. 

It has been renovated from the old building it used to be to a newer design with sound and lighting systems. Moreover, you will find a top notch food menu! 

Therefore, if you’re looking for things to do in Downtown Denver at night, head straight to this hooting place!