The Ultimate Guide For Things To Do In Malta

Are you planning a trip to Malta but confused about the things to do in Malta? Well, you know what, we can help you out with this. 


So, we considered the party-goers, the history buffs, the children, and the families. After careful consideration, we came up with the perfect set of activities you can do when you're vacationing here!

Take A Trip To The Old Capital 

Mdina Malta is the ancient capital and it is packed right at the center of an island. Furthermore, it is perched on the top of a hill with a stunning scenic beauty surrounding it. 

If you are a history buff, then we know you will definitely put this in your list. Not only is this a must visit, but you will find the fortifications one of the best sights! 

Even though it’s the old capital, Mdina Malta brings to you various activities that you can enjoy. Some of the best ones are strolling on the streets while visiting the many museums. If nothing else, the city comes with cute cafes which make for some of the great spots for a photograph! 

Take A Dive! 

So, Malta’s climate is rather warm and this comes as a blessing. Due to this, it makes it perfect for you to take a dive into the azure seas. 

You will find artificial reefs along with the military ruins dating back to the Second World War. The most famous of them is the HMS Maori. It was a destroyer which the Germans sunk. Now, it sits calmly on the seafloor. 

Considering it’s only 14 metres deep, many swimmers find it accessible. However, if you’re not the one into swimming, or deep diving, enjoy the other activities like snorkeling. 

Fort St. Elmo 

Another treat for the history buffs who visit Malta! The history of Malta is filled with the stories of St. John’s knights. They were similar to a military troop and fought during the Turkish Ottoman Empire. 

Now, this fort stands in the formation of a star and looks over Valletta’s harbour. The story says that this was the primary focal point during the Siege of Malta. This happened in the year 1565 and almost 1,500 knights lost their lives. 

Take a guided tour when you visit so you can learn more of the fascinating stories that surround this exclusive spot. 

Moreover, you’ll be able to find the interactive exhibition that shows the Great Siege of Malta along with the Knights of St. John using a series of sound and light effects. 

Fancy A Horse Ride? 

Northern Malta brings to you the cliffs and the sandy beaches. This is where you will find Golden Bay. 

Now, for some, it might be for the first time but for those who have done horse riding before, it is exhilarating. Therefore, one of the best ways to engulf the stunning scenery is by taking a horse ride! 

In fact, you’ll find different options to choose from, even though we feel the horse ride that looks over the sunset is a mesmerizing one. 

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Palazzo Parisio and Gardens 

Malta is quite a treat for the lovers of history! Here’s another one which we know you will thoroughly enjoy. 

The Palazzo Parisio and Gardens was built in 1733 and even now, the Maltese owners continue to occupy it. 

However, there are certain parts of the grounds and buildings that are open to tourists. Therefore, you should definitely take the tour. 

This architecture was designed to be aligned with the Italianate style. It features pristine structures such as box hedges and bubbling fountains. 

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Visit Valletta Harbour 

If the Valletta weather permits, then you must visit the Valletta waterfront. Some might know as the Pinto Wharf. The entirety of it has been preserved for years now. 

Again, for the history buffs, this harbour was the maritime treasure of ancient times. It was filled with warehouses. However, as of now this entire area has been converted to a tourism complex. 

Hence, you will be able to find shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, and other stalls. Moreover, you can go for the walk along the promenade. If the Valletta weather is great, you’ll feel the breeze on your face. It’s wonderful! 

Visit The UNESCO World Heritage Site 

Malta has its own UNESCO heritage site. It’s the Tarxien Temples. It is known to be the largest temple that Malta has. 

You will find the Tarxien Temples located at the South of Valletta. The temples (four of them) date from 3,300 to 2,400 BC. 

The temples are dedicated to the goddess of fertility. You will find that they hold treasures such as animal images carved or even an exquisite set of ornate altars. 

You must visit this, under all circumstances. We feel that it will make your trip to Malta much more special. However, be careful of not making any damages. 

Cave Diving, A Must Do 

One of things to do in Malta that should be on everyone’s list is cave diving. The best spot for this is Comino. Not only will you be able to cave dive there, but also reef diving. 

Comino sits between the coast of Malta and Gozo. Considering it’s uninhabited, you’ll be able to explore an array of underwater caves. Furthermore, if you enjoy marine life, then cave diving is a must! 

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Take A Trip To Marsaxlokk

This is a fishing village which is located towards the South of Malta. However, not only is it famous for fishing, but also for the market, the harbour, and the boats. 

There are certain myths around these areas. One of them is the glaring eyes which are painted on the prows. The story is that the eyes protect the guards against evil spirits. 

Now, you don’t even need to think about the food you will find there. There are several seafood dishes that are delicious. We suggest you have at least one meal here upon your visit. 

Visit The Three Cities 

If you have taken the tour of the harbour, go over to the other side to visit the three cities. They are Senglea, Cospicua, and Vittoriosa. 

All three of these cities used to line up to form a long wall which served as the wall of defence for Malta. While Senglea and Cospicua are applauded for their waterfront and the beautiful marinas, it is Vittoriosa which takes the cake.

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It’s The Time To Party 

The Isle of MTV music festival takes place in Malta every year during July. So, if you’re one who enjoys concerts and dancing and jumping, you know when to plan your trip. 

Now, you might believe this is just another festival that takes place, but stars such as Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas have performed at these festivals over the years. 

In fact, over 50k guests crowd the venue and party like never before! 

Take A Tour Of The San Anton Gardens 

Even though you will not find numerous public parks here, there is one which will take your breath away! 

So, initially, this garden was the residence of the President of Malta. Later during 1882, this was converted to a park where the public could come and visit the scenic beauty. 

You will find beautiful gardens and citrus orchards which make it a wonderful sight. Along with that, there are several fountains and sculptures which make the gardens just a wonderful place to visit during the day! 

Some of the trees on the ground are almost as old as 309 years. On the other hand, for the children who visit the gardens, there is an aviary and petting zoo. 

Day Trip To Gozo

If you have a spare day on your vacation, then we suggest you take a trip to Gozo. 

This island is known as Malta's sister and you can go there by ferry. It takes approximately 20 minutes to go to Gozo. 

One of the primary reasons this is a good experience is because of the cultural activities, the coastline, and the sandy beaches. 

Even if you don’t have a day, you can spare a couple of hours and visit Gozo. We suggest you keep this as one of the things to do in Malta.