The Guide For The Best Irish Castles

When you think about castles, we know you must have given Irish castles a thought. That is why, we decided to bring our list of favourite castles from the map of Ireland to you! 


So, we took our time to list out the best castles that you will find there. While of course, the choices may differ, but we believe that at least one from our list will appeal to everyone. 

Blarney Castle 

This is one of the top castles in the map of Ireland. Furthermore, it is definitely one of the best places to visit in Ireland. 

There was a time when tourists would make their way up 10 stories to kiss the Blarney Stone upside down. The lore said that if you could do that, you would be blessed with the gift of eloquence. 

However, even if you don’t want to kiss the stone, there is a 60-acre floral garden that is magnificent. You must explore that floral garden before you make your way to other places around Ireland. 

Cahir Castle 

This has to be one of the best Irish castles. Upon visiting, you’ll be able to witness the tower, keep, and structures that have been standing strong since the construction of the castle in 1142. 

On top of that, if you make your way towards the northeast tower, you can see the cannonball that has been there since the Nine Years’ War. 

Finally, you must take a moment to view the amazing countryside from the top of the Cahir Tower. It’s absolutely breathtaking. 

Bunratty Castle

This is the 4th castle which was built on this site. It has been sitting here since 970 AD.

The castle was opened to the public during 1960. A tour of the castle shows the furniture, art, tapestries that are from the 15th century. 

Moreover, you can take part in the traditional medieval feast wherein you will be served potato soup, turkey legs, fresh bread, and mulled mead. In fact, it is said that if you want the true medieval experience, then Bunratty is the place to be! 

Ashford Castle

The exciting bit about this castle is you can actually rent it to stay there. So if you ever wanted to live in an Irish castle, then this is your chance to do so. 

Now, the castle was built in 1228 and has been expanded upon since then. As of today, it serves as both a luxurious hotel and a popular wedding venue. 

The castle comes with a gorgeous lawn and features golden plated interiors. 

This amazing structure has hosted several high end individuals such as President Ronald Reagan, John Lennon, England’s King George V, and others! 

If you want to make sure that you get the chance to live at this castle, our advice is that you book it in advance! 

The Rock of Cashel 

This is one on the map of Ireland that features some of the extensive medieval collection of architecture and Celtic art. 

On top of that, there exists a 90 foot structure that is a round tower. It dates back to 1100. 

Next, some of the other structures that exist here are the preserved 12th century Cormac’s Chapel and a 13th century cathedral. 

Malahide Castle 

This is the 12th century castle which comes with things that the whole family can do. 

First, the castle tour takes you to the precious rooms such as the Gothic Great Hall and the Oak Room. 

The Great Hall comes with a significant collection of paintings and furniture. Moreover, the castle comes with a museum shop from where you can purchase great souvenirs. 

Finally, there is the possibility of taking a bicycle tour around the walled Talbot Botanic Gardens as well.

Ross Castle 

If you are one who likes to explore paranormal activity, then this is the castle that you should visit. The 15th century castle is said to have historic myths which you will definitely hear about during your tour. 

In fact, it is said to have ghosts roaming the halls. 

Now, apart from the castle tour, you can even wander the grounds or even take a boat ride around to Innisfallen Island and Lakes of Killarney. 

Donegal Castle 

This castle was built during 1474 and was built by one of most powerful Gaelic families who stayed in Ireland during that time - the O’Donnells. 

It is said to be one of the finest Gaelic Castles that stood in the map of Ireland during a time. Unfortunately, the Nine Years’ War almost destroyed it. 

However, soon after this Sir Basil Brooke, English Captain, rebuilt this castle in a Jacobean style and as of today it’s surrounded by a 17th century wall! 

Lismore Castle 

This castle can be found towards South Ireland and is the seat of the Duke of Devonshire. This originally belonged to the Earls of Desmond. Following that, the castle was passed in possession towards the mid 18th century to the Cavendish family. 

This castle is nothing short of a royal residence. The towers, turrets, and even the large inner courtyard are some of the best features of the castle. 

Even though it’s a private residence, the castle is open to the public through guided tours. Moreover, the castle is available for hiring and accommodates 27 guests. 

Dublin Castle 

Finally, the Dublin Castle! It stands right in the heart of Dublin. The current building dates back to almost the 18th century and a large part of the castle hosts the Irish Government. 

The castle was heavily impacted by fire during the late 17th century. From that point onward, it was rebuilt from the medieval fortress into a Georgian palace. Unfortunately, this specimen among the Irish castles does not have any medieval elements above the ground level.