The Guide For Greetings Around The World

Do you know how to say Hello in different languages? Well, it’s not quite possible to know how to greet in every language. However, you should do minimum research on the common greetings when you’re going on a holiday.

Knowing the local language and how to greet in their terms makes it much easier for you to connect with them. As a result, you’ll be able to make friends and acquaintances much faster and better.

Another thing to know here is that there are different destinations that have the same term for saying hello. 

The most common greeting for Hello is English. Almost everyone around the globe uses this term to greet each other. Destinations like America, the United Kingdom, India, New Zealand, Singapore, and others explicitly use “Hello” for a greeting. 

How To Say Hello In Different Languages?

However, there are different ways of saying it in local languages. Here we give you a list of languages and how to say hello in that language. 

Spanish - Hola 

Hindi - Namaste 

Arabic - Marhabaan

Russian - Privet 

Japanese - Konichiwa

German - Hallo 

Czech - Ahoj 

Danish - Hej 

Filipino - Kamusta 

Finnish - Hei 

French - Bonjour 

Greek - Chaírete

Italian - Ciao

Irish - Dia Dhuit 

Indonesian - Halo

Nepal - Namaskara 

Punjabi - Sata srī akāla

Thai - S̄wạs̄dī

Hawaiian - Aloha 

Portuguese - Olá

Ukrainian - Zdravstvuyte

Vietnamese - Xin Chào

Welsh - Helo 

Bosnian - zdravo

Icelandic - Halló

Georgian - Gamarjoba

Samoan - Talofa

Uzbek - Salom 

Turkish - Merhaba

Bulgarian - Zdraveĭte

Estonian - Tere 

Kazakh - Sälemetsiz be

Corsican - Bonghjornu

Cebuano - Kumusta

Kurdish - Slav

Yiddish - Hela 

Azerbaijani - Salam

Albanian - Përshëndetje

Hausa - Sannu

Hungarian - Szia 

Kazakh - Sälemetsiz be

Lithuanian - Sveiki

Chinese - Nǐ hǎo

Esperanto - Saluton

Amharic - Selami 

Hmong - Nyob Zoo

The above are the several different ways that you can say hello in different languages. It’s actually important to know the local language whenever you visit a destination. It’s one of the best ways to connect to the people around you. 

Moreover, when you know the local language, it helps with ensuring that you don’t feel like an outsider altogether. The point of traveling is to connect with others and know their stories. It’s the time you disconnect from your daily life and find peace in another destination. Therefore, in such cases, you must try to make the most of the situation! 

Now, it’s not possible for you to know the entire language properly. We recommend knowing the greetings such as How are you, what is your name, thank you, you’re welcome, and others. However, knowing how to say hello in different languages is a start.