The Guide For Best Places To Visit In November

The first thing that you would search for a vacation during November is - best places to visit in November. In fact, this should be your search for all vacations. 

However, for right now let us focus on the best places that you can visit during the month of November. On top of that, November is usually a good month for a vacation given that you can be back home with family to ring in the New Year together. 


Here is the list of best destinations that you can hit up!


This is probably one of the most visited island in Hawaii. Even though it is filled with tourists throughout the year, the month of November is an exception. The reason being that the honeymooners are usually gone by now and the December crowd is yet to arrive. 

Therefore, essentially you will have the entire island to yourselves. Furthermore, the hotels lower their rates and the activities become much more affordable. However, be prepared for the occasional rains that might make an appearance towards the latter half of the month. 

Los Angeles 

This is another great destination that you can hit up when it comes to November. The daytime temperatures are quite low and the crowds are small. 

Next, the weather during this time is ideal for you to go hiking at Runyon Canyon Park, go to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and even catching a show at the Hollywood bowl. The outdoor pursuits are truly bliss during this time. 

Next, the month of November is usually one of the best months to go surfing at the Los Angeles beaches. You will have enough time and space to ride the waves that fill out the beaches such as Zuma and Venice. 


This is primarily for the art lovers. If you are into art, then you should try to hit Denver during the art week of November. Every year without fail Denver celebrates the Arts Week. 

The Arts Week is a celebration that comes with hundreds of events that get hosted all around town at art theaters, galleries, and even museums. 

If you are more of the creative type, then you can attend the Denver's First Friday Art Walks. Otherwise, you can even explore the neighborhoods that have the local arts featured. These areas usually include the Art District on Santa Fe and even the Golden Triangle Creative District. 


Even though the Maldives are warm throughout the year, you will get to experience some of the best weather during the month of November. This is when Maldives is making its transition from the dry season to the wet season. It offers a great deal of sunnier days which are perfect for relaxing on the beach along with enjoying water sports activities. 

On top of that, since the water visibility rises, the month of November is just about perfect to make sure you can enjoy activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. 


This one is for the lovers of events and history. So, if you love historical attractions, then you must visit the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell Center. 

Moreover, you can head to the Rittenhouse Square or even the Wissahickon Valley Park where you will be able to enjoy a relaxing time. 

Now, if you do make it at the right time, here are two things that you can enjoy at Philadelphia - one is the Philadelphia Marathon. This is one of the most popular marathons to exist in the United States of America. On the other hand, there is the 6ABC Dunkin' Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade. This is the oldest parade to exist in the United States. 


The temperature hovers within an average range deeming this a suitable destination for November. Touring Williamsburg is ideal during this particular month. 

Considering that schools are yet to close for winters, the historical attractions do not have a huge crowd. 

Finally, since December is just around the corner, the Busch Gardens put up their annual Christmas Town holiday event which comes with a host of festive rides, displays, and themed shows. 

Victoria and Vancouver 

If all that matters to you are less crowds, then the perfect place for you to visit will be Vancouver. The reason being that November marks the beginning of the rainy season. Due to this, the crowds are less. 

Now, due to the rains outdoor activities become difficult to indulge in. However, upon visiting you will be exposed to an array of indoor activities. Some of the famous ones include Craigdarroch Castle and Royal BC Museum. 

When the sunnier days roll around, you can have a great time at Inner Harbour or even The Butchart Gardens. 

Nevertheless, for individuals who want to avoid crowds, this is definitely one of the best places to visit in November. 


The dry season of Marrakech are busy and hot. So, when November rolls around, the weather becomes quite pleasant. On top of that, the temperatures drop low making this quite the destination. 

this makes making your way through the city a much easier task. Plus, November is a great month to lay your eyes upon the various sites the city has to offer. 

There is a desert tour that you can avail. The best part it, these tours are offered on all-terrain vehicles as well as camels. 

Swiss Alps 

A trip to the Swiss Alps can never be out of question. Hence, if you have considered it for your November vacation, then definitely go for it! 

Now, visiting the Alps during November can save you some money as well. Moreover, you will definitely avoid the seasonal crowds of December. 

Even though ski season does not begin until December, you can still avail the smaller cable cars and resorts that open earlier. 

Of course, if there is no snowfall, you can always trade skiing for the other activities such as biking or hiking the various trails the Alps have to offer. 


This Mexican town is quite the exciting destination since the hurricane season hits it stop button during November. As a result. the skies are clear and the weather is warm and there is much less humidity. 

You can spend your days at Tulum sunbathing or snorkeling or diving. It's the best destination to visit for natural swimming holes as well. 

Finally, November is a good time to visit Tulum if you want to explore the ruins and the archaeological sites such as Muyil. 

In our opinion, Tulum is definitely one of the best places to visit in November.