The Best Solo Travel Destinations Across The Globe

Are you looking for the best solo travel destinations across the globe? Well, whether it's your first time, or nth time, we know that as a solo traveler you will always do your research before setting out on your adventure. 


Here, we bring to you some of the best travel destinations across the globe. Even the list is concise, we have provided as much possible so you can make  a decision among some of the best travel destinations that you can travel to as a solo, fearless, adventurous traveler!


The Land of Smiles will forever be a recommendation for the destinations you can travel to when you are planning to travel alone. Therefore, you can always trust that Thailand is an evergreen spot for solo travelling. 

Whether you want to experience the beaches, or the shopping, or even the beauty, it's all a part of the pace and serenity that you will be able to achieve from travelling to Thailand. 

Another specialty of Thailand is that it is for everyone. There is no particular group that visits Thailand. It's a destination which everyone, from backpackers to luxury travelers, visits. The primary reason being Thailand offers something for everybody. 

You can find the best street food, but you can find lavish settings that are beyond the normal budget. You can take a group boat to the different islands, or you can hire a luxury yacht for the same. 

One of the best parts about travelling alone to Thailand is that you will come across solo travel groups. There are groups formed by solo travelers who met at Thailand or have together via an agency. Not only will you be able to travel in a group, but also make friends from all across the globe. 


Japan is probably one of the best destinations to travel to if you are traveling all by yourself. It's safe, it's clean, and the locals are some of the most polite individuals that you will come across. 

Now, Japan serves some of the best delicacies. So, whether you want to enjoy beverages, nibbles, main course, or even desserts, you can definitely find some of the most delicious ones in Japan. 

However, be aware that you will face language barriers. That is why it is quite important that when you travel to Japan, you learn some of the phrases. On the other hand, even though it is challenging, you will find that the locals are understanding and will try to help you. 

One of the best points about Japan is their public transportation. It is spread out vastly and is punctual. As a result, you will never have to worry about traveling from one point to the other. 

Now, coming to where to stay - it might be overwhelming to live at a hostel. Japan has a different type of accommodation known as capsule hotels. They are similar to hostels but offer a much better scope for personal space. 


Malaysia as a destination is often overlooked due to the neighbouring countries. However, if you look at the countries in Southeast Asia, then this is one of the most developed ones that you willl come across. 

Furthermore, Malaysia is a multi-cultural country and therefore, you will come across locals who know how to speak in at least two languages. usually, one of the languages is English. You will rarely have communication problems in Malaysia. 

Another great factor about Malaysia is the experience that you get to ensure during your solo travels. Malaysia comes with cities, mountains, beaches, small towns, and what not! Thus, you can go for diving, island hopping, and even have your little adventures on off-beaten paths. 


This is a gorgeous destination for solo traveling. In fact, Iceland is known to be one of the safest countries all across the globe. Therefore, if you are solo female traveler, then this can definitely be the first on your list. However, even with solo travel groups, it is one of the better ones for it as well. 

Iceland is one of the most intimate and delightful destinations to visit. Due to the small population, it feels like a massive neighborhood. The safety is to a level where people do not even lock their cars when going to the grocery store. Furthermore, English is well spoken by almost everyone overpowering the language barrier. 

Unfortunately, Iceland is quite expensive. Even though costs can be cut down by purchasing groceries and staying at hostels, so, if you can then definitely visit it.

New Zealand

Now, if you are below the age of 30 and working for a holiday, we would suggest you turn your attention towards New Zealand. This is where almost a number of youth turn up at when they go for their first solo abroad trip. However, even the younger crowd that resides in New Zealand take their off-time to explore the country. 

Moreover, New Zealand is a great country if you want to go on a road trip. Otherwise, New Zealand as a country is quite perfect for the ones who enjoy being outdoors. 

There are stunning islands, rugged glaciers, and dolphins! Moreover, the locals are friendly, and the it is easy to navigate throughout. 


This is not what you will think of when you think of the term solo trip. However, this is one of the best solo travel destinations that one can think of. This is actually quite perfect for first-time travelers. 

The rich culture and the tropical climate makes Hawaii a country of its own. You have a plethora of activities to your disposal. Whether it's exploring the Road to Hana, or enjoying the water-borne activities! 


If you are looking for the best solo destinations in the US, then California is one which you should definitely take into consideration. Even though every state in America has something to offer, it is the perfect state for first-time travelers. 

Some of the best spots that you can find in California are Orange Country, San Francisco, and Pacific Coast Highway. 

California is actually one of the best solo travel destinations that you can visit to, there are just too many ways of enjoying California!