12 Morocco Luxury Vacations You Can Go On

The royalty strikes when you decide to list down the best Morocco luxury vacations you can go on

The country features several royalty experiences that you must go for. 


Here we have taken into consideration all the luxury adventures and vacations that you can go for when you are visiting the country. 

Whether it’s Marrakech or Erg Chebbi, we have given you the best way to enjoy each of the experiences. 

Marrakech, Morocco

The narrow streets of this pedestrian packed destination are one that you will definitely want to visit. Not only pedestrians but also motorbikes and stray animals are seen roaming the streets. 

Coming to the streets themselves, you will find Marrakech a true beauty. The stores offer leather goods, patterned rugs, and shining lanterns that will mesmerize you. 

Moreover, the main square of Marrakech is filled with musicians, snake charmers, fortune tellers, and acrobats. This gives the visitor a true sense of the city’s culture. 

It is strongly advised that you hire a local tour guide or a driver who will be able to take you to the hidden corners of Marrakech and show you the city’s essence! 

Luxury Riads in Marrakech 

The city comes with its own riads that visitors have found stunningly beautiful. Roads are traditional Moroccan houses.

One of the roads that is most visited in Marrakech is the Villa des Orangers. It has a spacious interior and comes with an elegance of its own. 

Furthermore, the more traditional tadelakt walls make the interior even more glamorous than one would expect. 

Finally, this five-star road comes with its own spa, pool, and other luxurious features which makes it a worthwhile stay. 

Essaouira, Morocco 

This is a coastal city on the Morocco map which is a mere three hours drive from Marrakech

Now, this city is a great place to unwind, relax, and soak in the positive energy that takes precedent in the air. On top of that, you can relax in the beautiful cafes that the city has to offer. 

Finally, you will be able to find that there are certain cafes and pastry shops that offer classes. You can learn how to make gazelle horns and other traditional pastries from these classes. 

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Desert Camping 

One of the things to do in Morocco is the desert camping in a private luxury tent. It’s one of the truly rewarding experiences that the destination has to offer. 

The experience begins when you are taken to the less discovered places of the Sahara desert. You can breathe the sun-soaked air and explore the changing landscapes. 

The sand dunes change color as time passes by and you are greeted by locals with their own form of cheerful welcome. 

When evening comes around, everyone sits around a campfire and enjoy the bright shining stars in the sky. 

Finally, when night arrives, you retreat to your luxury tent. The camps are actually one of the more luxury Morocco tours. Therefore, you will find everything from hot water to private toilets. 

Beach Vacation 

If you are visiting Morocco with your beloved, then according to us one of the things to do in Morocco is to stay at the beach resorts. 

This exhilarating experience is perfect for the lovers who are beginning a new chapter of their lives together or looking to spend some time together from the risky busy schedules.

The Morocco beaches along the Mediterranean shoreline come with warm water and little coves. On the other hand, the beaches along the Atlantic coast are bigger and have an abundant choice of water activities 

Finally, you can even stay at the resorts that come with their own private beaches. However, for a romantic experience, Morocco beaches are the best destination. 

Helicopter Travels 

Morocco is a rather large country and visiting it all via car is not exactly possible. Therefore, the country offers helicopter rides that take you to destinations inaccessible by cars. 

You can book a private helicopter ride and trust us when we say this, it has to be on your things to do in Morocco list. 

The helicopter takes you over the mountains and you get to experience an amazing view. Along with that, the private tours take you to a remote camp in the Sahara desert. 

In our opinion, it is very difficult to beat a helicopter ride if you’re looking for luxury adventures in Morocco. 

Hot Air Balloon Rides 

Another exciting adventure that Morocco offers is the hot air balloon rides. One of the best times to do this is early morning. 

The rising sun pouring its sunshine over the landscapes is a sight that you do not want to miss. In fact, we suggest you definitely take this adventure if you are visiting Morocco with your better half. 

It’s incredible to view the Atlas plains from the sky and soak in the real beauty that nature has to offer. 

Most of the hot air balloon rides end with mint tea and baked bread at a village before you are taken back to your accommodation. 

Sahara Dream Journey

The luxury desert vacation is a must when you are visiting Morocco. The journey takes you to Marrakech from Fez through the Atlas Mountains. 

Following that, you spend the night at the luxury desert camps. You will be showered with an ample collection of entertainment. 

Finally, you will experience the thrilling walk through the Todra gorges Grand Canyon. Additionally, a drive through the mountains takes you to the red imperial city of Marrakech

Casablanca, Morocco 

This magical city of Morocco is for the ones who want the traveler vacation rather than the tourist vacation. 

If you love art and history then visiting Casablanca is one of the Morocco luxury vacations you can go on. In fact, the city gives you a deep insight into the cultural aspect of the country as well. 

The beach of Casablanca offers an incredible surfing experience which is very similar to that of Venice. 

Also, if you’re into yoga then make sure to stop by the only Bikram studio that Morocco has to offer. 

Golf Resort 

The lovers of the sport know that Morocco is a fantastic luxurious destination for golf holidays. 

Agadir and Marrakech are two of the prolific cities that offer luxurious golf resorts. The resorts have their own authentic history and culture which any golfer will thoroughly enjoy. 

In fact, we will suggest this for anyone who enjoys playing the game. As a matter of fact, you must visit the Mazagan Golf Club which was designed by top golfer Gary Player.

Cooking Classes 

The cuisine of Morocco is one that needs no introduction. Whenever you talk to someone who has visited the country, you will hear them talk about the magnificent cuisine. 

Now, you can learn how to make some of the dishes at the cooking classes that some of the cities in Morocco have to offer, especially Marrakech

On top of that, these workshops take you through the markets and help you learn how to identify the fresh ingredients and herbs separately. 

There is a hidden foodie in all of us, therefore, you must take some time and attend one of these classes for an authentic experience. 

Erg Chebbi Desert 

Towards the eastern edge of the country lies the golden sand dunes - Erg Chebbi. 

However, it’s a rather long drive from some of the famous cities of Morocco. Our suggestion is you break up your trip while going towards Erg Chebbi. 

The magic begins towards the point when the sun starts to set. The changing light makes the sand dunes change color from gold to crimson. 

At night, the silence of the night in the desert amongst the twinkling stars makes this visit one of the Morocco luxury vacations you can go on