Get To Know The Best Beaches In Mexico

Are you looking for the best beaches in Mexico for your next vitamin-sea vacation? We decided to make the process easier for you! Therefore, we compiled a list of the best ones just for you! 


Here is a list of the best beaches that you will come across in Mexico! 

Tulum Beach 

Tulum, Mexico is famous for the 13th century Mayan ruins. In fact, it’s practically the perfect destination at kon for history lovers. You’ll find this beach located at Riviera Maya’s southern end. 

The beach comes with palm trees, crystal water, and even some of the best white sands. Furthermore, you’ll be coming across limestone pools as well which are absolutely perfect for a swim. 

So, if there is ever a time when you’re looking to step away from the busy city life then Tulum, Mexico is where you want to be at. 

Cancun Beach 

One of the best beaches in Mexico map is the Cancun Beach. It’s 14 miles long and comes with crystal clear water along with pristine white sands. In the beginning, this beach was a part of the ancient Mayan civilization. Hence, there are a number of ancient sites to explore. 

Next, if you’re into waterborne activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, or even paddle boating, this is where you need to be due to the amazing coral reef that can be found here. 

Finally, there are several restaurants that you’ll find both outdoors and indoors that come with some of the lip smacking Mexican dishes you can think of. The Cancun Beach is often compared with the Las Vegas strip due to the high level of entertainment which is available. 

Akumal Beach 

This is one of the famous beaches found at Riviera Maya. Upon visit, you’ll realise that this beach attracts both locals and tourists. 

The name translates to “land of turtles” and has a good reason behind it. The large sea turtles arrive here to lay their eggs. Moreover, the beach hosts a plethora of coral beds along with significant fish life. This makes it quite the place for scuba diving as well! 

You’ll be able to explore the bars and the restaurants which are located in this area. If you’re traveling with children, we highly recommend taking a trip to Akumal Beach for a weekend! 

Playa Norte 

This is the beach on Isla Mujeres. The beach is famous for the shining white sand and the crystal clear water. 

If you’re looking for the best Mexico beaches for children, then you need to take a look at this beach. The waters are calm and allow ample swimming options. 

Next, you will find an array of options for beach bars, accommodations, and restaurants! 

This beach is definitely one of the beautiful beaches that can be found in the country. Do keep in mind that this beach can get too crowded during the weekends. 

Playa Las Gatas 

This beach is a white sand beach as well. The beach is named after nurse sharks that used to be around the waters quite a long time ago. 

You can either come to this beach via a boat or you can take the steep pathway. However, one of the reasons why this beach is lover but the people is because of the several rocky dives and snorkeling. 

The restaurants along the beach serve some of the most delicious food that you’ll come across. In fact, Otilia serves the absolutely best coconut shrimp. 

The lighthouse which is close to the beach will have you witness the brilliant views of the coastlines visible from the cliff. 

Puerto Vallarta Beach 

The beach comes with an amazing tropical climate. As a result, you’ll come across admirable sightseeing options. If you really want to, you can check the bars, restaurants, old town’s shops. 

At this particular beach, there is a range of activities such as sailing, diving, and fishing. However, whale-watching and deep-sea fishing are some of the activities that are quite popular at this Mexican beach. 

You can spend the day at the beach here along with exploring the town of Puerto Vallarta. If all works out, you’ll be able to enjoy the astonishing views from the close by Sierra Madre Mountains. 


This beach used to be one of the biggest hippie destinations from the 1960s to the 1980s. In fact, the beach would attract hippie travelers from across the globe. Interestingly, it was one of the first nude beaches to pop up in Mexico. 

Even though today the number of hippies it attracts has lessened in number, it still attracts a large population of people who admire yoga and surfing. 

The best part about this beach is that you’ll find both luxurious and budget accommodation options available all around. If you want to avoid crowds then you should absolutely go for this beach. 

Bahía Balandra 

This beach is located in the Baja region of La Paz. It is a lovely family beach that is known for its Diamond Rock. Due to the shelter around the beach, this is one of the safest beaches in Mexico. Not only can you swim there but also explore marine life. 

Even though the beach belongs to the Pacific coast, the water is quite warm to facilitate comfortable swimming. 

Since no beachside amenities are available, this is one of the best beaches in Mexico for individuals looking for lessened crowds. 

Playa del Amor 

This beach is quite easily accessible using a water boat. On top of that, the beach is one of the most famous beaches in Mexico. In fact, the name of the beach reveals that it’s better known as the “Lover’s Beach”. The romantic setting along with the Beautiful Land’s End formation of Rock makes it a glory. 

Now, even if you do visit this beach, remember that the beach is on the Pacific end. As a result, the rides are quite rough. So, if you do enter the waters, ensure it’s from the de Cabo San Lucas area. 

Ziggy Beach 

This particular beach is one of the popular beaches of the area. It comes with a range of marine life. Additionally, you’ll find the coral reef system there to be a delightful place for diving and snorkeling. 

Now, the beach comes with two separate zones - one for guests if the Ziggy Beach Club and the other is for all visitors. Next, the water sports available at the beach are plenty! 

If you want to enjoy a gorgeous setting while having a picnic, then Ziggy beach is one of the best beaches in Mexico to do so.