13 Best places to visit in December in USA

We understand how exhausting it can be to search the Internet for hours and hours to find the best places to visit in December in USA. So, we thought - Why not help you with the list?


Now, you see, the USA comes with both warm and cold destinations. Hence, we divided the list accordingly so you can search with ease. 

Warm Places To Visit In December In USA 

Here are the places that we know will help you enjoy the pleasant weather that the USA has to offer during the winter-Christmas month! 

Honolulu, Hawaii

The tropical paradise is definitely one of the warm places to visit in December in the USA. In fact, if you talk about the perfect escape, then this should be it. 

You can try the fish tacos, choose to surfboard, or just enjoy the panoramic view of the island. On top of that, head over to the Makapuu lighthouse if you want to spot the whales! 

However, the tropical island is exactly the type of place you want to be at when you’re looking to escape the winter winds! The average temperature here is around 80 degrees. 

Orlando, Florida 

One of the best winter vacations in the US is flying off to Orlando, however, this time you can avoid the summer crowds.

The theme parks run their own carnivals and attractions. Most of them have their own themes which makes the Christmas season even more special. 

However, if you decide to go to Orlando during December, then know that some of the attractions require separate tickets. So, be prepared for that. 

The temperatures in December average to about 72 degrees. 

Santa Monica, California 

Another good recommendation for folks looking for best winter vacations in the US is a trip to Santa Monica. In fact, this is a warm place to spend winter. 

You will find great shopping deals as you walk among the streets of Santa Monica. Moreover, there are local bands performing with holiday parties taking over wherever you go. 

The temperature of Santa Monica hovers at an average of 64 degrees which is pretty great! 

San Diego, California

Staying within California, you might want to consider another option like San Diego. 

The reason why San Diego is a popular destination is because it’s one of the warm places to visit in December in the USA. 

The city offers a whole range of budget-friendly activities and accommodations. The temperature averages out at 65 degrees. 

Keep in mind that this is the time when California grey whales migrate so you might want to keep an eye out for that magnificent sight. 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Would you like to celebrate the holidays at a place where the city never sleeps? If that is so, head on to Las Vegas! 

The holidays just make the city brighter with the extra lights that go up at casinos and restaurants and clubs and shops! 

If you are travelling with your friends, let us tell you that this will truly be one of the best winter vacations in the US that you will ever take! 

The average temperature at Las Vegas during December is around 57 degrees. 

Savannah, Georgia 

Savannah is a truly charming city. Therefore, when the bells of the jolly season start ringing, the city becomes one of the best winter vacations for families. 

You can take your family out on horse carriage rides or river cruises. Otherwise, the beach is a great location to spot dolphins. 

However, let us assure you that with the gingerbreads, the decked trolleys, and an average of 63 degrees, your family and you are definitely in for a treat! 

Biloxi, Mississippi 

The next recommendation for warm places to visit in December in the USA is Biloxi. This city is home to casinos, hotels; restaurants, and what not! 

You will come across sunny skies with a pleasant view. Next, you need to make sure you visit the historical sites of the city without fail! 

The temperature of the city stays at an average of 65 degrees which makes it a great place to style off a sweater and nothing too heavy! 

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Cold Places To Visit In December In USA 

Now, some of us like snow and the winter winds. Sometimes, it’s about wearing the awesome winter jackets you have in your cupboard! 

Chicago, Illinois

The cold North is one of the primary cities to visit in America when looking for December vacations. 

Firstly, during December Chicago is nothing but magical. Everything about the city will let you know the happiness that comes with the Christmas spirit. 

You’ll find theatres, museums, zoos, festivals, markets, and lights and everything else that you can think of! For an outdoor activity, try the skating rinks! 

Obviously, given that the temperature of Chicago hits almost 38 degrees in December, it is quite possible one of the best places to visit in winter for the winter chills and hot chocolate! 

Breckenridge, Colorado 

Are you someone who wants to particularly enjoy winter sports when you are on vacation? If that’s the case, our suggestion for best places to visit in winter is Breckenridge. 

The ski season functions in full swing diving the month of December and you will find some of the best slopes of the country here. 

Considering the crowds are heavy, the deals are off. However, the ski terrain comes with 3,000 acres of land which means more space for the large number of adventurers! 

Finally, you have the highest distillery globally present here at Breckenridge - The Breckenridge Distillery. The average temperature is around 30 or 28 degrees, so make sure you carry the necessary winter garments. 

Asheville, North Carolina 

Now, how about we turn to the point where the slopes and the view are important for you during the December vacation? Asheville it is! 

You see, the weather at Asheville is much more milder than other destinations with snow which makes it a more comfortable stay. Next, the crowds are lesser and the slopes and hiking trails are nearby. 

Another reason why this is one of the best places to visit in winter are the historic streets of Asheville. You’ll find restaurants, boutiques, and city tours which will peak your interest. 

The temperature here averages at around 45 degrees, however, it might fall. Therefore, we suggest you carry winter protection. 

Astoria, Oregon 

An off-season December vacation means you take a trip to Astoria. This means, for someone who wants to visit a place which is quiet and no crowds, then this is it. 

You won’t find much crowd because not a lot of people flock to Astoria during December. This is one of the best places to visit in December in USA for individuals who just want to enjoy their own company. 

The average temperature of Astoria ranges between 40 and 50 degrees all month. However, the weather is rather unpredictable. 

New York City, New York 

One of the most popular in the list of best winter vacations in the US is New York City! The city has everything that anyone wants during the Christmas season. 

The ball dropping at Times Square or the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Centre, it’s all marvellous to look at! 

All the prices take a dip and makes New York City one of the best in the continent for a vacation. Not only is it a great vacation for families but also a great place for couples. 

The average temperature of New York City during December is around 45 degrees. However, you can make sure to stay warm from the innumerable places that offer delicious hot chocolate drinks! 

Big Sky, Montana 

Of course, we cannot keep the 5,800 acres of skiable land spread across four mountains in the Northern Rockies out of the list!

Generally, this is a top place for tourists to flock to when they want to experience the largest ski areas in North America. 

However, you will find that several families travel to Big Sky during December with kids. This is because there are several acclaimed programs of activities and lessons available for kids at the Big Sky Resort. 

Other older embers of the families can opt for sleigh rides, zip line tours, ice skating, and other winter activities that are available! 

If you have a family where everyone wants to experience winter sports, then we will suggest Big Sky as one of the best places to visit in December in the USA.