13 Best Places To Travel In June

Summer vacations mean researching the best places to travel in June. Therefore, we went ahead and did the work for you! 

This is where you will find the most amazing and beautiful places you can travel to in June with your family or alone. 


June is by far one of the perfect months to plan your getaway for. 

Now, we understand that sometimes you search for the best family summer vacations, and sometimes you just want the solo to get away for some “me-time”! 

Therefore, we decided to give you the best destinations you can travel to regardless of which vacation you are planning for. 

Best Places To Travel To In June With Family 

Family vacations mean enjoying activities together, bonding over great destinations, and just leaving every worry behind! 

Here are some of the best family vacation destinations that you can visit during the month of June!

The United Kingdom

One of the best family vacation destinations during the month of June in the United Kingdom. In fact, it is a popular recommendation as well. 

The primary reason why the UK is recommended is for the lovely warm weather that is perfect for both children and adults. 

There are several family events that take place throughout the country. Moreover, all the parks are filled with families having their own little BBQs. 

Furthermore, one of the most famous events of the United Kingdom, Royal Ascot, takes place during the month of June. 


Summers are meant to be spent enjoying along the coast and taking strolls under the sun that doesn’t make you sweat! 

Well, due to this reason Turkey is a great recommendation for best family summer vacations. The dry summers ensure the kids don’t complain! 

On top of that, you will find kebabs, baklava, and kormas at every step along the way. These street foods just make the experience better. 

Finally, the coastal spots around make the weather less warm than other places. In fact, the weather is good enough for air balloon rides. 


There’s nothing that brings a family closer together than spending the summer on a white sand beach. Everyone enjoys, everyone relaxes. 

Hence, Malaysia told the list of best family vacation destinations for the ones looking to bury their feet in the sand and enjoy a wonderful scenic view. 

For the teens of the family, there are various adventures such as snorkeling and scuba diving that are offered. 

On the other hand, the shopping scene is another top feature considering its mostly duty free shopping! 

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The Northern Lights of Finland is there on everyone’s bucket list. There is not one person who will deny wanting to see this awesomeness! 

Now, June is definitely one of the best months to visit Finland to see the Northern Lights. 

In fact, this is one of the best places to travel to in June if you are traveling with your partner. Standing under the lights, hand in hand is the definition of a perfect romantic evening. 


An evergreen recommendation for best family vacation destinations in June in Japan. The month of June attracts visitors from all over the world. 

One of the primary reasons is the heritage, food, and technology that is available. Furthermore, you will find several tourists trying to catch the perfect sunrise picture. 

Moreover, Japan hosts several festivals during the month of June. Their festivals are for people of every age and make for a great day of family bonding. 

Napa Valley 

Another great recommendation for one of the best family summer vacations to go for is at Napa Valley. This destination definitely consists of activities that both the adults and youngsters can enjoy! 

Obviously, one of the first things to mention about Napa Valley is the vast wineries of the region and the tasting sessions. 

That being said, you will find a handful of hiking and sporting activities that will be the perfect summer venture for everyone in the family! 

Andaman and Nicobar Islands 

This is a collection of about 300 islands located at the Bay of Bengal. Whether you are looking for the best family vacation destinations or romantic destinations, this is a great place to be. 

Even though June is typically a summer month, Andaman and Nicobar Islands retain cool and pleasant weather. This is owing to its wonderful location by the Bay. 

There are historic monuments, churches, caves, and an array of adventurous activities that you can visit or do during your vacation at the A&N Islands. 

Furthermore, since this is quite popular with a destination for June, there’s a good chance you will be making friends everywhere you go!

Best Cheap Places To Travel To In June 

Sometimes, all we need is some time away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. However, usually, these vacations mean budget traveling. 

Here are some of the cheapest places to travel in June

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The month of June is actually perfect to visit Rio de Janeiro. 

Since this destination is quite popular with backpackers and students, it automatically becomes one of the cheapest places to travel in June. 

On top of that, the vibe of Rio de Janeiro is one that is known by several around the globe. Therefore, if you’re looking to relax and fly solo for a while, here is where you need to be! 

Montego Bay, Jamaica 

Montego Bay is ideally considered to be one of the cheapest places to travel in June. There are two reasons for that.

Primarily, there are several one-day destinations that you can visit from Montego Bay and yet be back at your resort to enjoy a wonderful night by the bay.

Secondly, Montego Bay comes with exclusive deals and packages that you might not find at other destinations. 

For a backpacker or solo-traveler, you might want to consider this for a super-chill vacation. 

Nha Trang, Vietnam 

Vietnam’s beach town is by far one of the top recommendations for the cheapest places to travel internationally. 

The weather makes it an incredibly popular destination for backpackers, students, and solo-travelers from Australia who want to escape the winter. 

This is not a destination for someone who wants a more cultural experience. However, if you wish to experience beach life, the nightlife on a beach, and do it all at a low price, then this is it. 

Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt 

For a wonderful vacation filled with sunshine and joy, then this is where you should look. 

First, this is a top in the list of cheapest places to travel in June. On top of that, if this is your first time traveling solo, then it’s a great choice as well. 

The prices for one night stay at hotels for both single and couples are extremely low. Hence, you can even consider this to be one of the best places to travel in June on a budget. 

Barcelona, Spain 

The temperatures in Barcelona during the month of June are reasonable and when coupled with the ocean breezes, it’s quite an experience. 

Now, since Barcelona is one of the top tourist spots globally, the deals and packages available make it one of the best places to travel in June

June is a busy month for Barcelona tourism. You will most likely encounter crowds wherever you go but then almost more than half of them are solo-travelers on their summer break. 

Basel, Switzerland 

A town that is nothing short of a fairy tale is just the summer vacation you need to take with your beloved. 

The charming town is a sweet haven for every art lover around the worth. On top of that, the houses in this little town show-off a blend of historic architecture with modern designs. 

Finally, the evenings can be spent at the amazing waterside bars. To enjoy the perfect summer twilight with your partner, Basel is definitely one of the best places to travel in June