12 Best Places To Travel In August

Get to know the best places to travel in August with just one read. 

August comes surrounded with pleasant weather, natural wonders, and the world getting ready for the onset of the festive season that follows afterward. 


August is a month which is extremely popular in terms of travel. It is genuinely the best summer vacations for couples month. 

We have chosen some of the best places around the world that you can visit during August and have a wonderful time. 

Best Places To Visit In August In USA

Let’s take it one at a time. First, we have selected the best of destinations that you can visit during the pleasant month of August. 

San Diego 

One of the best places to travel in August in the USA in San Diego. The warm weather is the perfect opportunity for you to soak up the sun before winter hits. 

Furthermore, you will be exposed to much-needed vitamin-sea. Enjoy the pleasant weather by the coastline and indulge in various activities. 

Start your wonderful vacation by surfing and swimming along the beautiful 70 miles shoreline. 

In fact, one of the other reasons why Sn Diego is one of the best places to travel to in August in the USA is because of the San Diego Zoo. Due to the weather being brilliant, you will be able to enjoy much more than any other time! 


Another great recommendation for the best places to travel in August in the USA is Curacao. 

Curacao is for those peeps who are searching for the perfect Caribbean getaway during the latter half of the summer season. 

One of the best things to do when in Curacao is exploring the coral reefs and marine life. Do not miss out on the various scuba diving packages that are available. 

Finally, Curacao comes with several bed-and-breakfasts and boutique resorts. So, if you are traveling alone or with family, this a great place for a vacation! 


Now, for everyone who wants to experience the cooler side of August, the best recommendation for travelers going to the United States of America is Fiji. 

You can spend your vacation sunbathing on the white sand beaches and enjoying a swim in the vibrant waters. 

There are several activity options such as surfing or scuba diving. If you want to give in to your adrenaline rush then Fiji should definitely be in your list of best places to travel in August in the USA. 

Furthermore, Fiji comes with its own blend of unique culture and traditions. Hence, once you visit, you will be amazed at the new experiences that come your way. 


Another mind-blowing recommendation for the best places to travel in August in the world is Ixtapa. This beautiful coconut plantation is located on Mexico’s Pacific coast. 

You will find stretches of sand that will make you want to surrender yourself to the scenic beauty and never return to the hustle and bustle of work life. 

On top of that, Ixtapa’s rainy season slightly merges with the month of August. The scenario is a perfect romantic setting for couples looking for some private time away from city noises. 

Best Places To Visit In August In Europe 

Let’s not forget that Europe comes with its own wonderful places. So, let’s move on to the best places to travel to Europe during the month of August. 

Island Hopping At Greece


If you are a true lover of the pleasant sun, then one of the best things you can do during the month is going island hopping at Greece. 

Get in touch with a travel agent and plan slightly in advance. Be aware that this is one of the best things to do in Greece during August. Therefore, you will encounter crowds. 

However, just because you will face crowds does not mean you do not go for this. If you have the option to do this, then take the island-hopping boat tour. 


One of the reasons why Venice should be on your list of best places to visit in August in Europe is because it does not get as warm as the other European cities. 

That being said, the city in itself is as amazing as it can get. Therefore, all you need to do is make sure you get your ticket and hop on the train before its too late! 

The August weather makes it perfect for you to go sightseeing around Venice. In fact, during this time a number of tourists visit, so sightseeing packages come with amazing deals and offers. 


The reason why anyone will recommend London being one of the best places to visit in August in Europe is that, well, it’s London! 

However, to go in-depth, the weather in London during August is neither too warm nor too cold. So, one normal jacket should do the trick. 

Moreover, there are many public parks and open spaces around London that are the perfect companion to anyone looking to enjoy a lazy warm day outside. 


There is no list of the best places for vacationing without mentioning Paris. Whether you want romance or scenic beauty, this gem of a city is the perfect destination. 

The weather is absolutely on-point for all your shopping sprees. On the other hand, the evenings come with a chill which is great for a warm beverage and good company. 

Now, if you are truly confused about where to go in Europe, then the best thing to do is pick Paris from your list of best places to travel in August


August is one of the better months for visiting Amsterdam. Since the destination is not exactly known for the weather, August is a good month. 

The temperature is good enough for you to enjoy the streets of Amsterdam. Unfortunately, you will be among the many others who pick August as the month to visit. 

To make things better, you can hire a bicycle and ride it around. You will spot every local with a bicycle. So, why not do the same? 

Best Places To Travel In August In The World 

Obviously, Europe and USA are not the only two places you can hit up during the month of August. There are places around the world that are perfect for vacationing in August. 

Great Barrier Reef, Australia 

August brings with itself the clear skies and calm seas. For this reason, the month of August is very famous amongst divers and snorkelers. 

If you are not into doing any of those, you can enjoy the wildlife that Australia has to offer. These include the dwarf minke whales, manta rays, and humpback whales. 

On the other hand, you can head over to New Zealand if you want to experience summer skiing. This makes it one of the best holiday destinations in August for families

East Africa Safaris

A wonderful recommendation for the best places to travel in August in the world is to East Africa. The primary reason being the chance to witness the Great Migration. 

The Great Migration is the time when almost 2 million zebras and wildebeest are on the move and there are several predators that lurk nearby. 

The best way to go about this vacation is by planning ahead and trying to stay at two camps at different locations. Also, be patient during this vacation. 

Jodhpur, India

Rajasthan’s Blue City is considerably hot throughout the year. However, even then you will find photographers traveling to capture the cultural essence of the city. 

The history of India can be found within each of the streets and walls of Jodhpur. The city comes with palaces and forts, art and culture, and many many fascinating stories! 

The month of August comes with a bearable temperature. As a result, you will be able to find great deals on accommodation and sightseeing packages. 

If you have always dreamt of visiting a city which has its own history, Jodhpur is definitely one of the best places to travel in August.