13 Best Cities To Visit In India

India is a beautiful country and it’s always useful to know the best cities to visit in India before planning a trip! 

On top of that, India is a vast country as well. It’ll be helpful to know the different places to make a list of which cities you want to visit. 


Here is a well-curated list of the best places to visit in India for a lovely trip! 


If you want to see the best of India then you need to visit Agra. This magnificent city features the even more magnificent Taj Mahal. According to surveys, this is one of the most popular cities to visit in India. 

Anyone who visits India wants to see the Taj Mahal, and why not, this is one of the most popular symbols of love. This was built by Emperor Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. 

You can visit the Agra fort while you visit as well. Finally, a short distance away stands Fatehpur Sikri which will make your visit even more beautiful! 


If you’re looking to visit one of the largest cities in India and learn about several different cultures at the same time, then Mumbai it is!

Mumbai is known as the city that never sleeps and is the land of opportunity. You will find crowds wherever you go and that is the essence of the city. 

However, there comes a point when you sit down by the infamous Marine Drive or you take a stroll down Juhu beach, serenity and peace overcome you. 

This is truly one of the best places to visit in India! 

The other popular places to visit are the Gateway of India, Elephanta Caves, and the Tajmahal Palace. 


This city, more popularly known as the “Pink City” is mesmerizing to say the least. It holds the ancient heritage of India with its narrow lanes and traditional clothes. 

There are several activities you can be a part of when visiting Jaipur. You can opt for a jeep safari or you can decide to zipline over the jungles! 

Finally, the different forms of Jaipur will transfer you back in time and you’ll feel an instant connection to history. All forts are highly maintained and almost all of them have their original elements. 


This is another city you need to visit when you want to know the best of India, but from the mountains. 

Manali is a famous destination for the younger crowd of India. You will find several groups of young people having the time of their lives! 

The best way to visit Manali is by going with a group. That way you’ll be able to enjoy all the trekking fun with proper guidance. 

Don’t forget to bring your warm clothes because once at the top, you will definitely need them! 


The best of modern and ancient come together in the city of Hyderabad. This is why it has become one of the top cities to visit in India

You will see numerous stunning architectural structures that will take your breath away! Some of them are the Golconda Fort, Chowmahalla Palace, and the Birla Mandir. 

The must-see of Hyderabad is the Charminar. This landmark is a reminder to tourists and locals about the history which surrounds the beautiful city. 

Hyderabad has been deemed as one of the safest cities to visit in India. You’ll be amazed at the people and the crowd of Hyderabad! 


This is the city of joy, the cultural capital of the country. If you talk to a local from the city, they’ll tell you how this city is an emotion and not a destination. 

The more famous places to visit here are the Victoria memorial, Prinsep Ghat, and The Eden Gardens. You’ll find horse carriages waiting to take you around the area! 

Next, when in Kolkata make sure to try the street food. You will continue to eat the street food once you get the taste of it. 

Also, if you want to shop then some of the best spots are Gariahat, New Market, and Hogg Market. The bargaining that goes in these areas is a priceless sight! 


The capital city of India is one of the top cities to visit. You cannot visit India and miss out on going to Delhi. 

One of the magnificent sites of Delhi is the Red Fort. It bears a strong cultural and ancient significance which you absolutely must experience. 

Now, a primary experience that almost every tourist should have is shopping at Sarojini Nagar Market. Whether you end up buying anything or not (we guarantee you will buy), it’s still worth the money to pay a visit. 


One of the best places you can visit in India is Goa. It’s an absolute treat to visit this State.

There are several sites to explore and beaches where you can spend your days being lazy and peaceful.

Finally, Goa is one of the places where the youth of India have set up forts and it is home to one of the craziest nightlife in India. 

We recommend that you be careful and have a word with locals before hitting up one of the parties. 


The Garden City of India is surely one of the best cities to visit in India. 

The name suggests it features. You’ll find plenty of greenery around and it’ll make you realize how Bangalore is one of the beautiful figures of India. 

Furthermore, Bangalore has been making leaps and strides in the IT industry. This helped Bangalore achieve the name “Silicon Valley of India”. 


This is a prime example of beautification by forts and palaces. Once you step here, you’ll see the destination lit with forts and palaces. 

This city in the state of Rajasthan is one that cannot be missed at all. 

In fact, if you’re looking for a great city to visit in India with your partner, you should consider Udaipur. It has romantic spots that have been given popularity through Bollywood. 


One of the most important tourist destinations in West Bengal is Darjeeling. Located amongst the Himalayas, it’s the city filled with tea estates and chilly air! 

The rail station itself is a famous spot to visit and has been declared a heritage site as well. 

Also, once you are there, take a tour of the toy train. It’s a very famous experience when you step foot in Darjeeling. 

Next, you’ll find several rare species of animals at the zoological park. If you like to wake up early in the morning, then we suggest you take a jeep to the Tiger Hills to watch the sunrise. 


Another magnificent hill station in India is Khajjiar. It is situated in Himachal Pradesh. Wonderfully, it is known as the Switzerland of India. 

The answer to why this is the best city to visit when in India lies in the scenic beauty that it projects on you. Due to the mesmerizing beauty, you will want to travel by foot and click pictures wherever possible. 

Some of the attractions of Khajjiar include Lord Shiva’s bronze statue, Golden Devi temple, and Khajjiar Lake. For the lovers of architecture and art, we recommend the Nag temple roof painting. 


This is the oldest inhabited place that is still in use globally. Varanasi is extremely important for Hindus who consider this to be a pilgrim place. However, you don't need to be religious to enjoy the beauty of Varanasi. 

Try and look for hotels or accommodations that have rooftops. You need to be able to experience the beautiful sunrise when the golden ray hits the temples. Some of the temples are centuries old. 

A primary activity to do here is taking a boat ride on the Ganges. Also, if you believe in the sacredness and the power of faith works in you, you can even take a dip in the Ganges. 

For anyone who wants to understand the holy culture of India, one of the best cities to visit in India for that is Varanasi.