20 Warm Places To Visit In December In USA

Are you looking for warm places to visit in December in USA? Well, you know you can count on us! 


Here is the perfectly curated list of twenty of the best places you can visit to escape the winter chills of December.

Make your pick, and start traveling with your family or your friends! The holiday season awaits you!

Siesta Key, Florida

This is nothing short of a winter paradise, and you must consider this paradise if you want to escape the winter chills. 

What you will find there the turquoise waters, the white sand beach, and the sun shining brightly over your head. The best part - the sun does not make you too hot and there is scarcely any rainfall! 

San Antonio, Texas

The vacation which is spent in shorts and the t-shirt is the best! That’s why we suggest you try San Antonio as your next winter vacation. 

In our books, San Antonio is one of the best winter vacations in the USA! You will find groups caroling with lights brightening every night and the holiday spirit will engulf you! 

Honolulu, Hawaii

There is no holiday which can be better during the winter season other than spending it by the beach, with a light sweater, and warm oceans. 

This temperature of the ocean during December is one of the reasons why this is genuinely one to consider when looking for the best winter vacations in the USA. In fact, the ocean is warm enough to not wear a wetsuit if you want to surf it! 

Miami, Florida

When we say Miami, we know you are imagining yourself soaking the sun on the beaches and enjoying a good lazy morning before heading off to the clubs and enjoying the nightlife!

Miami beaches are one of the best beaches of Florida and you must pay a visit there if you want to escape the chilly weather that December brings with it. One of the things you must do when visiting Mami is to drop by Santa’s Enchanted Forest. This is one of the largest holiday theme parks and carnivals around the globe. 

Tucson, Arizona

Why you should visit Tucson during December is because the month brings with it the peak travel season. That’s why, when you visit, you will find the best of deals and offers that tourists can enjoy. 

The temperature is just about perfect for you to spend the daylight hours exploring. We suggest visiting local wildlife attractions. Next, enjoy the wonderful holiday programs that light up the whole place! 

San Diego, California 

One of the best winter vacations in the USA is getting yourself to the southern coats and submerging yourself in its beauty. The beaches, the ocean, the activities, the vibe, nature, the food, everything is perfect!

Furthermore, December in San Diego is the whale-watching season. Since the weather is warm you will not freeze on the boats. Also, make sure you visit the San Diego zoo without fail. 

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Savannah, Georgia 

The warm weather coupled with the holiday spirit is the reason why this is one of the best places to travel to in December. There is absolutely everything you need to get into the Christmas spirit.

Grab gifts from River Street, watch the shows at the historic houses, and understand the ways of Christmas in the South! 

Moreover, if you feel you want to add some thrill to your vacation, take a tour to Tybee Island and you might spot the dolphins.

Palm Springs, California 

If you love hot springs, golf courses, spas, and all that jazz which come with high-end hotels, then head on over to Palm Springs without a second thought. 

The destination is an oasis. You will not only get great weather but there will be an array of activities for you to enjoy. You can enjoy golf, farmer’s markets, festivals, and even the street fairs are fun to visit. 

Orlando, Florida

Did you know that Orlando is one of the best winter vacations in the USA that you can take? The best part is it is the perfect destination to visit with kids!

Take the kids and the entire family to the Walt Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort. There you will see the Victorian gingerbread house. The Magic Kingdom features Cinderella’s castle, and there is Mickey and Minnie March when you visit Main Street. 

Orlando is actually perfect for families who are traveling with children. The experience will be truly exhilarating for them. 

South Padre Island, Texas

Here you will find it all for the relaxing warm vacation that you look for during December. Now, since it’s Texas not everyone takes it as their first choice, but do consider this beautiful haven.

The island falls on the southern coast of Texas and is one of the most popular destinations during Spring Break. On warm days you can take a swim and then the days the weather is cooler, we recommend you explore or have a picnic party at the parks! 

Beaufort, South Carolina 

The small town that steals your heart is Beaufort. This town is a gorgeous location for anyone who does not want to stay in a city. However, the location is such that you can visit Savannah and Charleston with a small drive.

The town comes with a good show of Christmas lights and makes you dance to the tunes of the Southern joy. The temperature is average yet enjoyable. 

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New Orleans, Louisiana 

You can celebrate Christmas here with one of the most beautiful exhibitions in the entire country. On top fo that, there re several hotels that make your stay much more affordable with holiday packages. 

Kailua Kona, Hawaii

December features a temperature that ensures you do not face any cold spells during your vacation. This is why Hawaii destinations are one of the best winter vacations in the USA!

The island of Kailua Kona brings to you several of the favorite activities such as snorkeling and other fun activities! 

Los Angeles, California 

Los Angeles is a good place to visit throughout the year, however, with December the temperature is much better than the other cities of the USA! Plus, there is always something to do when you are in Los Angeles. 

Key West, Florida 

Almost every spot in Florida makes it to the list, However, one of the warm places to visit in December in USA is Key West! The temperature is extremely pleasant and you have little islands to explore throughout. 

Phoenix, Arizona 

Even though this is not a beach, it still is a great destination for a winter vacation in the USA. There is much to do and moreover, the culture is something you will want to experience. However, the nights can get cold, so pack accordingly. 

Las Vegas, Nevada

When the holidays come around, then you know it’s time to bring yourself to the City of Lights. Obviously, even here what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. 

If you go during Christmas to New Year’s week, then it will be overly crowded. 

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is where you want to go if you have been looking for a place that lights up with festivals and lights throughout the holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Year.

Santa Monica, California 

The average temperature here is pleasant and this means all the romantic walks with your beloved on the beach during the Christmas season that you had planned? This is where it will happen! 

Charleston, South Carolina 

This is where you come when you want the picture-perfect winter vacation. There are a number of celebrations throughout, and you choose which one you want to attend! 

You must make this a part of your list of warm places to visit in December in USA!