15 Best places To Travel In June

When the summer season starts or rather knocks on the door, we all start looking for the best places to travel in June. Well, what if we told you we have the list you have been waiting for?


Traveling in June is amazing for two reasons: destinations are not too crowded and the weather is pleasant to not encounter scorching heat. 

This list gives you all the places globally that are some of the best places to travel in June. All of these places are great for traveling with family and enjoying the summer vacation with your family! 

Grand Canyon National Park 

The crowd that gathers at the Grand Canyon National Park is one of the largest crowds that be found anywhere during the peak of summer season. However, when you visit in June, you will find a little less of the crowd. 

Next, it is during June that the North Rim is open. It ranges from mid of May to the mid of October. You can even go for one of the helicopter rides that takes you over the canyon. 

This is probably one of the best family vacation destinations that anyone can visit during June. Also, this is a great spot for magnificent and stunning pictures but t is advised that you take all precautions before climbing anything. 

Yosemite National Park 

The month of June is the best time to explore the stunning landscape of Yosemite National Park. The weather is dry and warm, therefore, you will not find an overly crowded park if you visit in June. 

The Yosemite Falls with its varying heights get flowing due to the water coming in from the melting snow. The waterfalls run at their peak during June and then dry up during the summers. 

The three waterfalls are Sentinel, Ribbon, and Bridalveil. You must include the Ribbon waterfall in your bucket list for June! 

New York City 

New York City is one where you cannot visit during a bad time. NYC is the place to visit regardless of when the time is. However, a trip during June can help you with summer activities.

The prime areas such as Central Park hosts numerous tourists and locals who enjoy the sunset along with the different activities that are on-going around! 


The Mediterranean island of France is a must-visit when you traveling in June. In fact, Corsica is said to be a destination that can be visited all year round and you will still be grasped within its beauty. 

However, during June you will find the sun shining, the ocean sparkling, and temperature as pleasant as it can be! This means, now you can take an ocean dip and explore without the heat draining your energy. 

We suggest this as one of the best family vacation destinations. The scenery is too good for any member of the family to miss it! 


There is no explaining why you should visit Paris in June. It is one fo the peak seasons of tourism in June. 

There are several things to enjoy in Paris: The museums, the Eiffel Tower, the parks, the shopping, the food, the macaroons, and everything else that comes with it! 

If you and your partner want to take a break and on the search for a June destination, then we recommend you give Paris a serious thought! 

Machu Picchu 

This is one of the top-visited destinations around the world. Tourists are known to flock at Machu Picchu and enjoy a relaxing and eventful vacation. 

This old-city is inspiring. You will find a tad amount of dry weather but the light is absolutely perfect. Definitely try to catch the sunrise when you are visiting. It is not a sight that you should miss out on. 


This is one of the best destinations to visit in June given the temperature and the available activities. 

You see, even during June Fiji does not have too many visitors, so you can make sure of attractive hotel and resort offers. On top fo that, all the tourist destinations have a fairly smaller crowd! 

The lower crowd ensures you have a veil of peace surrounding you when visiting the beaches and islands of Fiji!


Another great recommendation for one of the best family vacation destinations in Langkawi. There are lighter crowds and the island reaches a rather pleasant temperature at the night. 

You might experience slight rainfall at the night but then this only adds to making the temperature much better during the daytime. 

Los Angeles 

Another addition to your list of best family vacation destinations should be Los Angeles. Why? The beaches, the relaxation, the waves, and of course the evening strolls along the beach! 

The parks are ideal for family picnics and nature walks. Furthermore, you will find a host of performers, shake borders, and other attractions throughout the city. Finally, the restaurants are one of a kind and serve some of the lip-smacking dishes! 


This is for the lovers of art! During the month of June, you will find Basel laden with artwork and it even hosts the International art show. 

Finally, if you have seen the amazing installations, displays, and artworks, you can take a break at the 18th-century cathedral that Basel is famous for. 

Honestly, if you are a lover of the beautiful stokes, then this is one of the best places to travel in June! 


Now, the lovers of light and neon colors, this is where you need to be! In fact, we will say that this is one of the best family vacation destinations because which kid won’t enjoy neon lights? Make sure you get the dates of the Isle of Wight Festival!

Also, for the young adults and adults of the family, there is live music that ranges from pop to classic to indie to rock! There is a track playing for everybody to dance or vibe to! 


Hungary’s capital is one of the best destinations for couples to visit during June. Especially, young couples! 

Budapest hosts a series of events such as the Beer Festival, Danube Folk Carnival, dance workshops, and even fairs and crafts market. Imagine hitting all these events and making memories with the love of your life! 


There is no mentioning the month of June without talking about Bali as one of the top destinations that can be visited. This is actually one of the best family vacations on a budget that you can take. 

See, the month of June is not the peak season for tourism in Bali. Therefore, you get to experience the beaches, the weather, and the activities at one of the most decent prices possible. 

If you are traveling with children, then the month of June must suitable to make their vacation enjoyable as well! There is nothing better than watching your little ones splash around in the water!

Cyclades Islands 

If you are planning to travel towards the second half of June, then this is the ideal place to visit. The latter part of June does not come with a large crowd but comes with the pleasant weather that you will absolutely love! 

On top of that, the hotel rates are within range and neither are the attractions pricey! June is truly the best time to visit to get the best of both. 


Ladakh is nothing short of being a paradise. The surrounding views of the Himalayas are just the tip of the scenic beauty that surrounds the destination. 

On top of that, Leh and Kargil, the surrounding cities, are worth a visit. Make sure to stop by the Buddhist temples and the trekking routes. It’s one of the experiences you must have! 

Due to the height at which Ladakh is located, it is definitely one of the best places to travel in June.